How IMM-101 works

IMM‑101 is a naturally derived medical treatment that helps the body’s immune system to recognise and control cancer. It works in combination with other anti-cancer treatments to improve the overall outcome for patients. Clinical studies indicate that IMM‑101 has a potentially transformational impact on survival rates for cancer.



It helps the body to identify the cancer cells it needs to fight.


IMM‑101 tunes and modulates the body’s response and prompts the cells to respond to danger, be it cancer or infection.


It helps the body to amplify its response to the cancer while not inducing an overreaction that can destroy healthy cells, it also helps the body to remember which cells it needs to fight in the future.


IMM‑101 works alongside other treatments to improve the overall outcome for patients.

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Differences from other Immunotherapy treatments

There are three key areas of difference between IMM‑101 and existing immunotherapy treatments for cancer on the market at the moment, such as ‘checkpoint inhibitors’ or vaccines. Firstly, existing immunotherapies target single lines of attack, whereas IMM‑101 acts on multiple fronts by triggering a range of reactions through the body’s own innate and adaptive immune system thereby unlocking the latent force within the patient. This also enables it to work effectively with other therapies and treatments.

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Secondly, IMM‑101 is breaking new ground in its ability to contribute to the treatment of particularly complicated forms of cancer, such as pancreatic cancer and metastatic melanoma, for which survival rates are still very low, without adding a further burden on the patient’s health and quality of life. Unlike other forms of immunotherapy, IMM‑101 is gentle on the body. Side effects are limited to swelling and itching at the injection site.

Lastly, existing immunotherapy cancer treatments are often extremely expensive whereas in line with Immodulon’s philanthropic objectives, the intention is for IMM‑101 to be widely affordable.

History & Science behind IMM-101
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