Immodulon Chairman speaks at Advanced Therapeutics Program scientific retreat

Immodulon’s Founder and Executive Chairman, Charles Akle was invited by Professor Dan Von Hoff to address the US Oncology Research Advanced Therapeutics Program (ATP), in Austin, Texas at their annual scientific retreat from 25-27 April.

US Oncology Research is a collection of highly translational oncologists, who have put nearly 66,000 patients on clinical trials, including nearly 2,500 patients on Phase I trials. The scientific retreat is an annual event, and presents a prestigious opportunity to discuss new science, the latest clinical trial methodologies, practice-changing information, regulatory affairs, and the results of the most impactful clinical trials.

Charles was honoured to have been invited to address this group of doctors and nurses who are contributing to translational research on the front line. He spoke on the morning of 27th April, giving a lecture entitled, “Not your Grandmother’s BCG”, about the power of the immune system in fighting disease. This presentation was well received by all.