Immodulon is a small, independent biopharmaceutical company that has attracted significant investment to date, predominately from High Net Worth Individuals and impact investors.

This unusual and effective business model allows its senior team to retain full control over the strategic decisions and priorities of the company. For example, it means that Immodulon will be able to choose a pricing model for IMM‑101 that meets both its commitment to its investors and its ambition to provide a cost-effective foundation for all cancer treatments and patients.

As a privately-owned company with philanthropic aims and private investors, Immodulon has a clear objective to make treatments widely available. In order to fund further clinical trials which will bring IMM‑101 to market, Immodulon requires further investment.

Distinguishing features of Immodulon

Immodulon is strongly protected and has one of the longest running research projects into the power of the immune system in fighting cancer.

The lead product in the development pipeline, IMM‑101, has had extremely promising Phase I & II trial results, indicating a potentially transformational impact on survival rates for cancer, with Key Opinion Leader support for further exploratory and Phase III studies.

Immodulon is led by highly experienced practitioners and drug development experts, and supported by a Board with both medical & commercial expertise.

Immodulon has both development and manufacturing capabilities, creating a scalable and commercially viable proposition.

Immodulon is an independent company, funded by private individual investors and with its own strategic control.

Immodulon is philanthropic in its broader aims – it is committed to producing treatments that are widely affordable.

Protection of assets

Intellectual Property, manufacturing and ownership of master cell banks, orphan disease designation in pancreatic cancer (IMM‑101), TB (IMM‑201) and other applications in preparation, put Immodulon in a competitive position, and are a critical element of market protection.

IMM‑101 is unique: it is the only heat-killed, mycobacterium in late stage clinical development for cancer and to complete a development programme to the same level of sophistication would now take years to do.

Not all mycobacteria are the same and indeed even the variants of the same species can be very different, like apple varieties for instance. No two mycobacteria, even if they share a species name, are necessarily the same and hence the need to identify according to the NCTC (National Collection of Type Cultures) number. Anyone could try to grow another available isolate/variant of M. vaccae or M. obuense but they would have different characteristics and may well behave very differently.

Nobody aside from Immodulon has unlicensed access to the original M. obuense NCTC13365 and M. vaccae NCTC11659 isolates. They would therefore have to go through the entire process of preclinical testing, trials etc., before they could catch up with Immodulon.

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