How IMM-101 works

IMM‑101 is a naturally derived investigational medicinal product that helps the body’s immune system to recognise and control cancer. It is intended to be used in combination with other anti-cancer treatments to improve the overall outcome for patients. Clinical studies have produced encouraging increases in survival data in patients with pancreatic cancer and advanced melanoma.



It is thought to help the body to identify the cancer cells it needs to fight.


There is preliminary evidence that IMM‑101 tunes and modulates the body’s response and prompts the cells to respond to danger.


It has the potential to help the body to amplify its response to the cancer and it also helps the body to remember which cells it needs to fight in the future.


Clinical trials have demonstrated that IMM‑101 has the potential to work alongside other treatments to improve the overall outcome for patients.

Differences from other Immunotherapy treatments

IMM‑101 has a potential to act on multiple fronts by triggering a range of reactions through the body’s own innate and adaptive immune system. It has been shown to work effectively with other therapies and treatments.

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