Professor Georges Bahr

Professor Bahr is currently Professor of Immunology and Virology at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Balamand in Lebanon. He received a Bachelor and a Master of Sciences from the American University of Beirut, a PhD from the Middlesex Hospital Medical School in London University, and a Fellowship of the Royal College of Pathologists in London.

Professor Bahr started his scientific career at the Pasteur Institute in Paris developing the concept of immunotherapy in the management of chronic infections and tumours. He then served as consultant to the Ministry of Public Health in Kuwait and as Associate Professor at the Medical School in Kuwait University.

In the early nineties, Professor Bahr joined Sandoz Research Institute in Vienna as Head of Program, and his research was focused on the immunotherapy of chronic viral infections including HIV and Hepatitis C. After becoming the Head of the HIV Department at the Pasteur Institute in Lille in 1996, Professor Bahr’s research targeted the identification of synthetic immunomodulators capable of blocking viral replication. This work has led to a series of patents and to the ongoing clinical evaluation of a new generation of immunotherapeutics. Recently, Professor Bahr has directed his research efforts towards the molecular analysis of the mechanism of action of synthetic immunomodulators and to the identification of novel cellular genes mediating innate immunity.

Professor Bahr was awarded the Euroscience Rammal prize in 2004. He served as external consultant to the strategic committee of international affairs at the French Academy of Sciences, as member of the scientific board of the Institut du Monde Arabe in Paris, and as member of the review and funding committee of the framework program 6 in life sciences at the European commission in Brussels. Between 2008 and 2013, Professor Bahr served as Dean of the Faculty of Sciences and then as Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences. He was selected in 2013 to be the Occupant of the Balamand Endowed Chair for Immunology. He Joined the Scientific Advisory Board in 2009.