Charles A Akle

Founder and Executive Chairman

In 2007, Harley Street surgeon Charles Akle established Immodulon Therapeutics with the philanthropic support of a former patient. His ambition from the start was to bring to market an affordable immunotherapy treatment that would transform the way that cancer is treated in the world today. Since then, Immodulon has become a leading biopharmaceutical company with one of the longest running research projects into how to harness the power of the immune system in treating cancer.

Charles received his medical training at Guy’s Hospital, London and subsequently carried out research into the immunology of the human amnion resulting in a paper being published in the journal Nature. During a career of more than 30 years as a leading surgeon, Charles pioneered the innovation of laparoscopic surgery, facilitating minimally invasive procedures as an alternative to major operations. The fact that such procedures are now considered routine rather diminishes the true benefit to patients and healthcare costs as a result of reduced hospitalisation.

His strong research interest in immunology led him to the potential of cancer immunotherapy long before the term “immuno-oncology” was coined and when scepticism, rather than optimism, was the dominant sentiment. Charles’ vision and hard work are in large part why Immodulon finds itself with such promising clinical data today, only seven years after the company began its exciting journey with nothing more than an interesting idea. He consistently challenges conventional thinking and his standards and expectations are such that only a highly committed, competent and experienced management team will come close to meeting them.