Immodulon brings together a team of scientific, drug development and medical experts, all committed to bringing to market first IMM‑101 and then other immunotherapies, so that as many patients as possible can benefit from the treatments.

Immodulon is led by a core management team of highly experienced drug development experts, and supported by a Board of Directors with both medical & commercial expertise. Immodulon’s Scientific Advisory Board is made up of leading researchers.

Bio Elpida, Immodulon's R&D and manufacturing partner in Lyon, France, provides specialist resources to advance the technology platform, including the potential to develop a variety of heat-killed mycobacterial products, as required to meet clinical and commercial needs.

Immodulon is an independent company, funded by private individual investors and with its own strategic control.

Board of Directors

The board brings together leaders in industry across the pharmaceutical, financial, legal and corporate advisory sectors, to advise on the corporate management and strategic direction of Immodulon.